discover verb

ADV. quickly, soon We soon discovered we'd been mistaken. | suddenly | subsequently | eventually

VERB + DISCOVER be amazed to, be astonished to, be astounded to, be a surprise to, be surprised to She was surprised to discover he was perfectly capable around the house. | be alarmed to, be appalled to, be dismayed to, be horrified to, be a shock to, be shocked to It was a terrible shock to discover the full extent of the problem. | be delighted to, be fascinated to, be intrigued to | be fascinating to It would be fascinating to discover more about the town's history. | be difficult to | be possible to | aim to | attempt to, try to trying to discover the truth | be able/unable to

PHRASES an attempt to discover sth, newly/recently discovered recently discovered evidence | only to discover sth I arrived at the campsite, only to discover that it was closed for the winter. | an opportunity to discover sth, waiting to be discovered There's great talent out there just waiting to be discovered.

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