discrimination noun

1 treating a person/group unfairly

ADJ. age, class, gender, race/racial, religious, sex/sexual | widespread There is widespread discrimination against doctors of Asian origin. | active, blatant, direct, explicit, overt evidence of active discrimination against black workers | covert, indirect | positive, reverse positive discrimination in favour of disadvantaged racial groups | illegal, unlawful Overt sex or race discrimination is illegal. | employment, job | government, institutional/institutionalized institutionalized discrimination against women within the police force

QUANT. level Levels of discrimination against recent immigrants are high.

VERB + DISCRIMINATION amount to, constitute Racist remarks by an employer to an employee can amount to unlawful discrimination. | experience, face, suffer (from) Many disabled people suffer discrimination at work. | practise | allege law suits alleging discrimination | be opposed to, combat, fight | ban, end, forbid, outlaw, prohibit, stop

DISCRIMINATION + VERB occur The discrimination occurred at the shortlisting stage, not the interviews.

PREP. ~ against discrimination against women | ~ by Discrimination by age is as vicious as discrimination by race. | ~ in favour of Some firms practise discrimination in favour of older people. | ~ on the grounds of It's time we banned discrimination on the grounds of age.

PHRASES a victim of discrimination

2 judgement

ADJ. great | careful, fine

VERB + DISCRIMINATION make Young children find it difficult to make fine discriminations. | show She showed great discrimination in rejecting the poor quality teas.

PREP. ~ between discrimination between right and wrong

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