dive noun

1 of an aircraft

ADJ. steep, vertical | gentle, shallow | spiral

VERB + DIVE go into The plane went into a steep dive. | pull out of The pilot seemed to be having difficulty in pulling out of the dive.

2 move/jump/fall

ADJ. headlong, nose (also nosedive) (both often figurative) The economy is on a headlong dive to disaster. His acting career took a nosedive and he turned to drink for solace. | sudden | running She made a running dive to get across the crevasse.

VERB + DIVE make, take She made a dive for the door. He took a dive in the penalty area and won his team a controversial penalty. (figurative) The market is volatile and profits could take a dive.

PREP. ~ for There would be a dive for the bar as soon as the show finished.

dive verb

1 jump into water

ADV. deep, head first | down

PREP. for diving for pearls | from She dived from the top diving board. | into He dived head first into the water. | off

PHRASES go diving The main purpose of his holiday to Greece was to go diving.

2 of birds/aircraft

ADV. suddenly | vertically Unlike some birds, it does not dive vertically.

PREP. from, to The plane suddenly dived from 10,000 feet to 5,000.

3 move/jump/fall

ADV. head first, headlong

PREP. beneath, into He dived headlong into the ditch. | through, under

PHRASES dive for cover We heard an explosion and dived for cover.

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