diversion noun

1 change of direction

ADJ. brief, short | major

VERB + DIVERSION make, take From Poiso we make a short diversion to drive to the top of the mountain.

PREP. ~ from the diversion of water from the river into the reservoir | ~ to The pilot set the aircraft up for a diversion to the nearest suitable airfield.

2 temporary route

ADJ. temporary A temporary diversion has been set up to take traffic away from the accident site. | traffic

VERB + DIVERSION set up | signpost The road will be closed for two days; diversions have been signposted.

DIVERSION + VERB be in operation The main road is now closed and diversions are in operation.

3 distraction

ADJ. welcome

VERB + DIVERSION create, provide The fire was started to create a diversion, allowing some prisoners to escape.

PREP. ~ from The cinema provided a welcome diversion from camp routine.

4 pleasant activity

ADJ. pleasant, pleasurable | minor

VERB + DIVERSION make, provide The party would make a pleasant diversion in his rather dull social life.

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