door noun

ADJ. open | closed, shut | locked, unlocked | ajar, half-open He had left the door ajar. The door was half-open when we got there. | back, front, rear, side the back door of a house the rear door of a car | inner, internal The inner door leads to the safe and is always locked after 5 p.m. | external, outer All external doors should be bolted top and bottom. | big, great, heavy, huge, massive, solid, stout, thick She had trouble pushing the heavy door open. | narrow, wide | glass-panelled, glazed | double Go along the corridor and through the double doors. | unmarked | automatic, folding, revolving, sliding, swing He got stuck in a revolving door. She pushed her way through the swing doors. | bathroom, flat, kitchen, etc. | car, fridge, garage, lift, stage | trap (also trapdoor) | magic, mysterious, secret

VERB + DOOR fling/throw open, open, pull/push open He flung the door open and caught them stuffing a document back into a briefcase. | bang, close, pull closed/shut, pull/push to, push closed/shut, shut, slam (shut) He pulled the door to. | bar, bolt, lock He arrived home to find the door barred. Remember to bolt the door before you go to bed. | unbar, unbolt, unlock | keep/leave closed/open/shut, keep/leave on the latch (= closed but not locked), prop ajar/open I left the door on the latch so that I could sneak back in later. Someone had propped the fire door open with a pile of books. | come/go in (through), come/go out (of/through), come/go through, slip out of/through He came in the side door. | bang on, knock at/on I banged on the door for ages but still couldn't wake them. | answer Go and answer the door (= open the door to sb who has knocked on it). | see sb to (= accompany sb who is leaving to the door) | break down/in They had to break the door down to get into the flat.

DOOR + VERB creak | burst open, clatter open, creak open, fly open, open, slide open, swing open/shut/to The door burst open and a little boy ran in. | flap open, hang open The car drove off with its rear door flapping open. | be/stand ajar, be/stand open The door stood ajar so I could see a narrow section of the room. | be closed/shut, be jammed (open/shut), be stuck | bang (open/shut), clang open/shut, crash open/shut, rattle, shake I was woken by a door banging in the wind. | click (shut/to), close, shut, slam (shut) | connect sth, face sth, lead to sth, open onto sth The door connecting the two offices is kept locked. This door leads to my bedroom. The door opens onto a sunny terrace. | be set in/into the wall I stopped at a low oak door set into the stone wall. | bear a notice/plate/sign, be marked sth I went through the door marked ‘Enquiries’.

DOOR + NOUN handle, knob | frame, jamb | knocker | bolt, catch, chain, latch, lock | key | mat (also doormat) | stop (also doorstop) This big fat dictionary would make a good doorstop. | mirror, panel, pillar (on a car)

PREP. at the ~ There's someone at the door. | in the ~ He stood in the door for several minutes before deciding whether he'd stay. | through the ~ He looked through the door to make sure the children were all right. | ~ into/to the door into the back garden

PHRASES close/shut, etc. the door behind you He banged the front door behind him as he left. | hold/open the door for sb, pop/stick you head round/through the door She popped her head through the door to say goodbye. | shut/slam the door in sb's face

You can also check other dicts: door (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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