earth noun

1 the world

VERB + EARTH orbit satellites orbiting the earth

EARTH + VERB orbit sth, revolve, rotate The earth orbits the sun. The earth revolves on its axis.

EARTH + NOUN tremor Furniture fell over as the room was shaken by an earth tremor. | sciences

PREP. above the ~ We are flying at 30,000 feet above the earth. | around/round the ~ the moon's orbit around the earth | on (the) ~ The island was there before there was life on earth. | to ~ The astronauts were able to send the information back to earth.

PHRASES the centre/surface of the earth, the earth's core/crust/mantle/surface, (the) planet earth

2 soil

ADJ. bare The fields had been ploughed, and there was nothing but bare earth to be seen. | fertile | barren, infertile | soft | solid | damp, moist, wet | fresh, freshly-dug | loose I filled the pot with a handful of loose earth. | baked The sun beat down on the baked earth. | scorched The wreckage of the plane was scattered across the scorched earth. | chalky, sandy

QUANT. clod, clump, lump My boots were caked in big clods of wet earth.

EARTH + NOUN bank, mound I scrambled to the top of the steep earth bank.

PREP. in the ~ The plants must have their roots in the earth. | under the ~ in mines deep under the earth

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