edge noun

1 place where sth ends

ADJ. top the top edge of the picture frame | bottom, lower | inner, inside | outer, outside | front | northern, southern, etc. | very Erosion has left the house perched on the very edge of the cliff. | cliff, water's A row of boats was beached at the water's edge.

VERB + EDGE reach We had reached the edge of the map and didn't know which way to go. | skirt The road skirts the western edge of the forest.

PREP. along the ~, around/round the ~ Smoke was making its way around the edges of the door. | at the ~ Soon we were at the edge of the woods. | on the ~ She sat on the edge of her bed. | over the ~ The car rolled over the edge of the cliff.

PHRASES right on the edge They live right on the edge of town.

2 sharp side of sth

ADJ. sharp | cutting | serrated a knife with a serrated edge | jagged, ragged, rough | smooth | blunt

VERB + EDGE sharpen

3 advantage

ADJ. competitive | slight | decided

VERB + EDGE give sb/sth | gain, have to gain a competitive edge over rival suppliers

PREP. ~ over The intensive training she had done gave her the edge over the other runners.

edge verb

ADV. carefully, cautiously, nervously | quietly | slowly

PREP. along He edged carefully along the narrow ledge. | towards We slowly edged our way towards the exit.

PHRASES edge your way

You can also check other dicts: edge (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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