egg noun

1 of birds/as food

ADJ. fresh | addled, bad, rotten | free-range, organic | chicken, duck, hen's, quail's, etc. | chocolate, Easter | boiled, fried, hard-boiled, poached, scrambled, soft-boiled | Scotch

QUANT. clutch She lays a clutch of four eggs on average. | box

VERB + EGG lay, produce | hatch | incubate | emerge from, hatch from | boil, cook, fry, poach, scramble | break, crack Crack two eggs into the mixture. | separate Separate the eggs, putting the whites to one side. | beat, whisk | brush sth with, glaze sth with Brush the pastry with a little beaten egg.

EGG + VERB hatch | break, crack

EGG + NOUN shell (also eggshell) | white, yolk | box | mayonnaise, noodles, pasta, sandwich

PHRASES the white/yolk of an egg > Special page at FOOD

2 cell from which a new young creature is formed

ADJ. fertilized | unfertilized

VERB + EGG fertilize Only one sperm fertilizes an egg.

EGG + NOUN donor

PHRASES the nucleus of an egg

You can also check other dicts: egg (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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