election noun

ADJ. fair, free | democratic, multi-party | rigged | direct, indirect | fresh, new | early The prime minister may decide to call an early election. | primary, run-off | federal, local, municipal, national, regional, state | congressional, council, general, gubernatorial, leadership, legislative, local government, mayoral, parliamentary, party, presidential, Senate

VERB + ELECTION have, hold | call | contest, fight | stand for | lose, win | rig

ELECTION + VERB take place | be due, be scheduled for Elections are scheduled for November.

ELECTION + NOUN campaign | manifesto, pledge, promise | broadcast | candidate | defeat, victory | day, night, year | fraud

PREP. at/in a/the ~ in the 2001 general election | by ~ Membership of the committee is by election. | ~ to her election to the Senate

PHRASES the outcome of an election, the run-up to an election opinion poll results in the run-up to elections

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