embarrassment noun

1 feeling of being embarrassed

ADJ. acute, considerable, great, intense, severe | total | slight She smiled to hide her slight embarrassment. | further | obvious | silent

VERB + EMBARRASSMENT feel I felt some embarrassment as we shook hands. | cover, hide | cause | avoid The government wishes to avoid further embarrassment over the affair. | blush/flush with, giggle with, squirm with I still squirm with embarrassment at the thought of it. | die from/of (figurative) I could have died of embarrassment when I saw her standing behind me. | ease, relieve | save sb, spare sb Helen changed the subject to save me the embarrassment of replying.

PREP. in ~ We all watched in silent embarrassment as Mr Rogers started to cry. | with/without ~ I could finally talk about my problem without embarrassment. | ~ at her embarrassment at being found out | ~ over the government's embarrassment over the affair

PHRASES (much) to sb's embarrassment Much to his embarrassment, Mike realized that a small crowd was watching him. | feelings of embarrassment, a flush of embarrassment A flush of embarrassment came to her cheeks. | a source of embarrassment

2 sb/sth that makes you embarrassed

ADJ. considerable, great, huge, major, serious, severe | potential | financial, political, social

VERB + EMBARRASSMENT be, become, prove The protests were becoming something of an embarrassment to the government. | consider sb/sth

PREP. ~ for The episode was a huge embarrassment for all concerned. | ~ to The poor child was considered an embarrassment to his family.

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