enterprise noun

1 plan/project

ADJ. great | exciting | ambitious, difficult, hazardous | common, cooperative, joint The programme is a joint enterprise with the National Business School.

VERB + ENTERPRISE embark on/upon, start, undertake They are willing to undertake a new enterprise. | abandon

ENTERPRISE + VERB fail, succeed

PREP. in an/the ~ The team leader will be the most important factor in this difficult enterprise.

2 a business

ADJ. large, large-scale, medium-sized, small, small-scale | profitable, successful | family, private | public, state, state-owned | multinational | agricultural, business, commercial, economic, farming, industrial, manufacturing the complex organization of a business enterprise

VERB + ENTERPRISE control, manage, run He runs a successful small enterprise. | invest in

ENTERPRISE + VERB expand, grow, succeed | fail

PREP. in/within an ~ something that affects all the workers in the enterprise

3 development of businesses

ADJ. free, private The Act will encourage private enterprise. | local | corporate, individual, municipal

VERB + ENTERPRISE encourage, promote

ENTERPRISE + NOUN culture The government has promoted the small firm and the enterprise culture.

4 abilities/imagination

ADJ. great I thought she showed great enterprise.


PHRASES a spirit of enterprise

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