environment noun

1 conditions of the place where you are

ADJ. immediate Cold-blooded animals depend on the temperature of their immediate environment. | alien, new, unfamiliar | changing | protected, safe, secure, stable | friendly | pleasant | clean, healthy | stimulating | favourable This period provided a favourable environment for the spread of communism. | uncertain, unstable | dangerous | noisy | competitive | hostile | extreme, harsh | fragile Walkers can unwittingly damage the fragile environment in which the birds live. | rural, urban | arid, cold, warm | aquatic, coastal, forest, mountain | domestic, family, home Children learn best in their home environment. | physical | cultural, emotional, social | office, work, working, workplace A comfortable working environment will increase productivity. | classroom, educational, learning, school, teaching, training | economic, financial Investors are showing more caution in the current economic environment. | political | business, commercial, corporate She now had to transfer her design skills to a commercial environment. | professional

VERB + ENVIRONMENT create, provide parents who strive to provide a stimulating environment for their children to grow up in | adapt to creatures that have adapted to hostile desert environments | improve | explore The cat walked round, exploring its new environment.

PREP. in an/the ~ people working in increasingly competitive environments

2 the environment the natural world

ADJ. natural | global, world | local

VERB + ENVIRONMENT preserve, protect, safeguard The government should do more to protect the environment.

PREP. in the ~ the amount of carbon in the environment

PHRASES conservation/protection of the environment, damage to the environment farming methods that minimize damage to the environment | harmful to the environment The label identifies the products that are least harmful to the environment. | pollution of the environment up, improve | have an impact on factors that have a huge impact on the environment | damage, harm, pollute industries which damage the environment

ENVIRONMENT + NOUN agency, committee, department, group, ministry | minister, official | clean spokesman, spokeswoman | policy | conference | protection | issues

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