episode noun

1 one separate event in sb's life/a story

ADJ. dramatic, exciting | bizarre, extraordinary | sad, tragic, unfortunate, unpleasant | major | brief | acute, severe (medical) an acute episode of pneumonia | latest She has only told you about the latest episode in a long history of mental illness.

VERB + EPISODE remember | forget

PREP. during an ~ during a brief episode of socialist rule | ~ from remembering episodes from our childhood | ~ in an extraordinary episode in American history

PHRASES the entire/whole episode He says he just wants to forget the whole unfortunate episode.

2 one part of a TV/radio drama

ADJ. exciting, thrilling Don't miss next week's exciting episode! | next, | final, last

VERB + EPISODE see, watch | miss | film, make The next episode has not yet been filmed.

PREP. during/in an/the ~ It happened in the final episode of ‘Star Trek’.

You can also check other dicts: episode (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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