escape noun

1 getting away from a place

ADJ. attempted | successful | great one of the greatest escapes of all time

VERB + ESCAPE effect, make, make good He made his escape through the window. I found an open door and made good my escape. | plan | foil, prevent

ESCAPE + NOUN attempt, bid | route

PREP. ~ from his escape from the prison camp

PHRASES a means/way of escape She looked round for a means of escape. | a possibility of escape There was clearly no possibility of escape.

2 avoiding sth unpleasant or boring

ADJ. close, narrow, near | lucky, miraculous, remarkable A driver had a lucky escape after a brick was dropped on his car from an overhead bridge.


PREP. ~ from He had a narrow escape from gunfire.

escape verb

ADV. narrowly They narrowly escaped being killed in the fire. | not entirely The head of department cannot entirely escape responsibility for this situation.

VERB + ESCAPE cannot/could not | be impossible to | attempt to, try to | manage to | let sb It was stupid of Lee to let them escape. | help sb (to)

PREP. from to escape from prison | into They escaped into the forest. | to The family escaped to England. | with Thieves escaped with property worth over £5,000.

PHRASES escape alive Only two of the men escaped alive. | escape sb's clutches He had managed to escape the clutches of the police yet again. | escape unharmed/unhurt/uninjured/unscathed, escape with your life She was very lucky to escape with her life.

You can also check other dicts: escape (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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