evening noun

1 part of the day

ADJ. this, tomorrow, yesterday | Friday, Saturday, etc. | April, May, etc. | spring, summer, etc. | long the long winter evenings | dark | quiet | balmy, beautiful, fine, golden, warm | cold, cool, dry | early, late It was early evening and very still.

VERB + EVENING spend We spent the evening walking round the town.

EVENING + VERB progress, wear on As the evening wore on, Phil became very drunk.

EVENING + NOUN light, star | meal | shift, work | class, course | entertainment, performance | prayer, service | rush hour | news, newspaper, paper

PREP. during the ~, for an/the ~ Her parents were out for the evening. | in the ~, on Friday, etc. ~

PHRASES an/the evening off/out You deserve an occasional evening out. | good evening

2 event happening in the evening

ADJ. gala, musical, social | open, parents' Prospective students were invited to the school's open evening. | convivial, enjoyable, lovely, memorable, pleasant, successful, wonderful

VERB + EVENING hold The club will hold a social evening to welcome new members.

EVENING + NOUN clothes, dress, gown, wear

PREP. during the ~, for the ~

You can also check other dicts: evening (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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