examine verb

1 consider/look at sb/sth carefully

ADV. carefully, closely, in detail, minutely Each case must be carefully examined. We shall now proceed to examine these two aspects of the problem in detail. | exhaustively, fully, properly, thoroughly | briefly | further | critically Critically examine your work as if you were looking at someone else's efforts. | medically

VERB + EXAMINE aim to, be designed to, seek to, set out to This study sets out to examine the possible effects of climate change. | proceed to | stop to Anna stopped to examine a plant growing by the stream. | be necessary to, need to | want to, wish to

PREP. for The room was examined minutely for clues.

PHRASES let us examine … Let us examine the implications of this theory.

2 test what sb knows/can do

ADV. externally, internally The course is externally examined (= by people from outside the college, university, etc.).

PREP. in The students will be examined in all subjects at the end of term. | on You are only being examined on this semester's work. > See CROSS-EXAMINATION

You can also check other dicts: examine (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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