executive noun

1 person with an important job in business

ADJ. chief, senior, top a top executive in a large corporation | junior | key contracts to prevent the loss of key executives | busy | high-flying, high-powered | female, woman The contract gives a female executive maternity leave rights. | business, company, corporate, industry | advertising, legal, marketing, media, public relations, sales, television

2 group of people who run a company/organization

ADJ. central, national | political | government, party, union She is a member of the party's national executive. | strong Conservatives are by tradition believers in a strong executive. | elected

VERB + EXECUTIVE control Parliament's ability to control the executive

EXECUTIVE + VERB decide sth

EXECUTIVE + NOUN member | meeting

PHRASES a member of an executive

You can also check other dicts: executive (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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