expect verb

ADV. confidently She confidently expects to win. | fully My parents fully expect us to get married. | not really I didn't really expect them to come. | half I was half expecting to see Jim at the concert. | honestly Did you honestly expect me to believe that?

VERB + EXPECT be reasonable to, can, can realistically, can reasonably We can expect to see an improvement in the weather over the next few days. | be unrealistic to, be unreasonable to, can hardly It would be unreasonable to expect them to do all that work for free. You can hardly expect to learn a foreign language in a few months. | would, would normally I would expect the factory to be working again as normal by next week. | be entitled to You are entitled to expect certain minimum standards of accommodation.

PREP. from We expect good results from our employees.

PHRASES (only) to be expected This kind of behaviour is to be expected from a two-year-old. | expect a lot/too much of sb I think my parents always expected too much of me. | when you least expect sth An accident can happen anywhere, at any time, just when you least expect it.

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