expenditure noun

ADJ. considerable, heavy, high, huge, major, massive The group is calling for higher expenditure on education. | low, modest | average the family's average expenditure on food | aggregate, overall, total | gross, net | additional, extra, further | increased | excessive | necessary, unnecessary | budget, budgeted, estimated, planned, projected, proposed | actual The next two items refer to actual expenditures incurred, rather than estimated needs. | current, future Pay constitutes two-thirds of all current expenditure. | annual | per capita the country with the highest per capita expenditure on health care in the EU | direct the total direct expenditure on training | operating | capital Capital expenditure can be financed by borrowing; operating expenditure should not. | local, national | federal, government, public, state Public expenditure was running at 44.6% of GNP. | departmental, household, personal | consumer | advertising, research and development | defence, health, military, social, welfare

QUANT. item You may wish to take out a loan for a major item of expenditure. | level

VERB + EXPENDITURE increase | control, curb, cut, limit, reduce plans to cut health expenditure | allow for, budget, provide for, plan, set The budget provided for expenditure of $2 billion. Expenditure was set at £16 million. | estimate, project, put Expenditure was put at 100 million euros. | incur | finance, meet Make sure you have enough in the current account to meet expenditure. | have Both brands had heavy advertising expenditure. | monitor

EXPENDITURE + VERB go up, grow, increase, rise | fall, go down | amount to sth Total expenditure amounted to approximately £1 million. | run at sth | exceed sth people whose annual expenditure exceeds their income | arise from sth extra expenditure arising from the commission's report into health and safety

EXPENDITURE + NOUN cut public expenditure cuts | level | pattern

PREP. ~ of government expenditure of more than £500 million | ~ on increased expenditure on the railway network

PHRASES a cut/reduction in expenditure, an increase/a rise in expenditure

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