expertise noun

ADJ. considerable, extensive, great | limited | appropriate, relevant Each area of the curriculum should be led by a staff member with appropriate expertise. | necessary MPs may lack the necessary expertise to scrutinize legislation effectively. | established, existing | particular, special/specialist, specific areas of special expertise | collective, combined, shared They met regularly to share experiences and develop their collective expertise. | in-house, local, outside We sometimes have to call on outside expertise. | staff | subject | academic, business, clinical, engineering, financial, legal, management/managerial, marketing, medical, professional, scientific, technical, technological

QUANT. degree, level A high degree of expertise is required for this stage of the manufacturing process.

VERB + EXPERTISE have She has great expertise in these matters. | lack | need, require | acquire, develop, gain | build on This project builds on the existing expertise of staff at the centre. | provide Professor Simpson provided expertise in engineering. | apply, bring, bring to bear, use How could he apply his academic expertise to practical matters? He will bring a great deal of expertise to bear on this issue. | bring together, call on, draw on The project brings together expertise in teaching and library provision. We need to draw on the professional expertise of a large number of teachers. | rely on | pass on, share The teachers would be available to share expertise and offer advice.

EXPERTISE + VERB be available We need to discover what relevant expertise is available to us.

PREP. ~ in gaining expertise in specialist financial areas | ~ on She brings expertise on general financial and technical matters.

PHRASES an area/a field of expertise, a range of expertise The variety of technology requires a wide range of expertise.

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