extension noun

1 part added to a building

ADJ. planned, proposed | home, kitchen | one-storey, two-storey, etc.

VERB + EXTENSION add, build

PREP. ~ to They're building an extension to their house.

2 extra time

ADJ. one-week, two-year, etc.

VERB + EXTENSION apply for, ask for, request He's applied for an extension of his visa. | get, receive She got an extension for writing her essay. | give sb, grant sb

3 making sth larger/taking sth further

ADJ. considerable, great, major, massive, significant | modest | further This new job is a further extension of his role as a manager. | general | gradual a gradual extension of the powers of central government | hair Hair extensions are pieces of artificial hair that are added to your hair to make it longer.

4 taking an argument/a situation further

ADJ. logical, natural, obvious The team appraisal is a logical extension of the individual appraisal interview.

PREP. by ~ The blame lies with the teachers and, by extension, with the Education Service.

You can also check other dicts: extension (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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