fair adj.

VERBS be, seem | make sth I'll give you ten pounds each to make it fair. | consider sth, think sth I didn't think it fair that the others should be allowed to go but not me.

ADV. scrupulously, very It's important to be scrupulously fair when marking the final exam paper. | absolutely, completely, entirely, perfectly, quite, totally I don't care what he thinks. It seems perfectly fair to me. That doesn't seem quite fair. | hardly It's hardly fair that I should be working while everyone else is enjoying themselves! | pretty, reasonably

PHRASES to be fair To be fair, we hadn't really spent enough time on the job.

PREP. to That seems fair to all sides.

fair noun

ADJ. major | annual | trade | antiques, book, craft, horse

VERB + FAIR attend, go to, visit | have, hold, host The city is holding its annual trade fair in May this year. | organize She is organizing next year's book fair.

FAIR + VERB take place

PREP. at a/the ~ I bought it at a local craft fair.

You can also check other dicts: fair (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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