fame noun

ADJ. considerable, great the years of his greatest fame | widespread | local | national | international, world/worldwide She gained international fame as a dancer. | lasting, undying | brief | instant, sudden | new-found | posthumous Largely unknown in his lifetime, Mendel's discoveries earned him posthumous fame.

VERB + FAME enjoy He was enjoying his new-found fame. | achieve, come to, find, gain, rise to, shoot to, win She found fame on the stage. He shot to fame in 1997 when he won the US Open. | bring sb, earn sb HIs adventure brought him both fame and notoriety. | seek

FAME + VERB rest on sth Her fame rests on a single book. | come to sb a man to whom fame came very late | grow, spread The restaurant's fame spread quickly.

PHRASES at the height of sb/sth's fame In 1934, when at the height of his fame, he disappeared. | sb/sth's (chief/main/only) claim to fame The town's main claim to fame is being the home of one of the strangest buildings in the world. | fame and fortune After this concert she was firmly on the road to fame and fortune. | a/sb's rise to fame

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