fascination noun

ADJ. deep, great | growing | particular, peculiar, special | endless, enduring, lifelong, perennial | awful, horrible, horrified, morbid, unhealthy | strange a morbid fascination with death

VERB + FASCINATION have, hold The sea holds a fascination for all children. | develop, feel, find, have He had a deep fascination with all forms of transport. | exercise, exert These exotic plants exert a fascination all of their own. | share She shared his fascination for motorbikes. | gaze in/with, look (on) in/with, stare in/with, watch in/with | listen in/with He looked on in horrified fascination as the ship drew nearer to the rocks.

PREP. in/with ~ She watched in fascination as the cat pounced on the mouse. | ~ for She developed a fascination for these creatures. | ~ in He found great fascination in her quiet, frank manner. | ~ with a lifelong fascination with Baroque music

PHRASES part of the fascination Seeing over a thousand species of fish is part of the fascination of the reef. | a source of fascination to sb His letters have been a source of fascination to a wide audience.

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