fashion noun

1 style of dressing, etc. popular at a particular time

ADJ. current, latest, modern, new | growing | changing, passing changing fashions in education This theory, though recent, is more than a passing fashion. | high The store sells everything from sports clothes to high fashion. | designer the influence of Italian designer fashion on the clothes industry | female, street, youth | architectural, cultural, intellectual

VERB + FASHION be, be in She wore a powdered wig, as was the fashion of the day. Black is always in fashion. | become, come into Pessimism has become the fashion. When did flares first come into fashion? | fall out of, go out of Careful spending has gone out of fashion in our consumer society. | be out of | come back into | be back in | introduce, set, start He set a fashion for large hats. | follow, keep (up) with, keep pace with I've given up trying to keep up with the latest fashions.

FASHION + VERB change watching how fashions change over the years

FASHION + NOUN statement Flared trousers were a fashion statement of the seventies. | model She started her career as a fashion model. | show | shoot photographers at fashion shoots | magazine | scene fresh interest in the New York fashion scene | capital Paris, the world's fashion capital | business, industry, market, trade, world Her summer collection took the fashion world by storm. | company, house, label one of the most successful fashion houses in Milan | retailer, shop | design, photography | designer, editor, photographer | accessory, clothes, garment | victim this season's must-have accessories that no fashion victim will be seen without

PREP. after the ~ of She spoke in French after (= copying) the fashion of the court. | ~ for the fashion for long dresses | ~ in Fashions in art come and go.

PHRASES changes in fashion, the fashion of the day, the height of fashion The palazzo represents the height of architectural fashion for the mid-17th century. | the world of fashion household names in the world of fashion and design

2 way you do sth

ADJ. true … The inspector insisted the meeting be held, in true spy novel fashion, in the open air. | normal, orthodox, usual Application for the course can be made in the normal fashion. | conventional, time-honoured, traditional They celebrated their win, in time-honoured fashion, by spraying champagne everywhere. | typical We had just gone out when, in typical fashion, the rain came down. | limited He has a small vocabulary and is only able to express himself in a limited fashion. | positive | no uncertain Karpov struck back in no uncertain fashion to win the seventh game. | meaningful | parrot Students become frustrated with learning verbs parrot fashion. | best (often ironic), exemplary batons ready in best police fashion | civilized | appropriate | cavalier | controlled, orderly, organized, regular, systematic | ad hoc, desultory, haphazard, piecemeal, random, roundabout | arbitrary | straightforward | logical, predictable | linear Costs and revenues are assumed to behave in a linear fashion. | easy, leisurely, relaxed The descent of the footpath starts in easy fashion. | dramatic, spectacular | bizarre, peculiar | mysterious | friendly | jocular | business-like | democratic

VERB + FASHION behave in

PREP. after a ~ So they became friends, after a fashion (= to some extent). | in a ~ Why are they behaving in such a ridiculous fashion? | in … ~ The troops embarked in orderly fashion.

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