fat adj.

VERBS be, feel, look | become, get, grow | make sb Try to cut out the foods that are making you fat.

ADV. enormously, hugely, immensely, really, very | quite, rather | grossly, monstrously

PHRASES big/great fat sitting next to a big fat woman a big fat envelope stuffed with banknotes

fat noun

1 substance directly under your skin

ADJ. excess, surplus | body | puppy It wasn't easy to lose puppy fat when Mum fed her on stodgy home cooking.

VERB + FAT go to, put on, run to If you eat too much you will put on fat. She was middle-aged and running to fat. | burn (off), lose, shed Exercise helps you burn off excess fat. | break down Claims that anti-cellulite creams can break down fat are controversial.

FAT + VERB accumulate The waistline is usually the first area where fat accumulates.

PHRASES not an ounce of fat His body was all muscle, with not an ounce of fat. | a roll of fat He had great rolls of fat round his middle.

2 in your diet/used in cooking

ADJ. dietary | added, excess, extra, surplus | visible | animal, vegetable | mono-unsaturated, polyunsaturated, saturated, unsaturated margarines that contain polyunsaturated fats | cooking | bacon, beef, etc. | hot Put the chicken in hot fat and braise thoroughly.

VERB + FAT contain, have This cheese has a lot of fat in it. | be high/low in fat Ice cream is high in fat and sugar. | eat The amount of fat you eat can affect the health of your heart. | cut down on It's easy to cut down on fat without changing your diet too much. | cut out She has cut out fat altogether in an effort to lose weight. | cut, trim Trim any visible fat off the meat before cooking. | drain (off), pour off, skim off Remove the turkey from the pan and drain off the excess fat.

FAT + VERB contain sth Fats contain more calories than carbohydrates for the same weight. | spit The only sound from the kitchen was the lamb fat spitting.

FAT + NOUN intake the relationship between fat intake and cholesterol levels | content Despite its very low fat content, it is deliciously creamy.

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