fear noun

ADJ. deep, great, real, terrible It was the first time she had experienced real fear. | growing | irrational | unfounded, well-founded Our fears proved unfounded.

VERB + FEAR experience, feel, have She did not know why she should feel such fear. | be filled with, be gripped by, be paralysed by/with, be trembling with | express, show, voice The boy showed no fear. Doctors have voiced fears that we may be facing an epidemic. | cause, fuel, instil This incident has fuelled fears of a full-scale war. the fear that her mother had instilled in her | allay, dispel, overcome The government is keen to allay the public's fears. She managed to overcome her fear. | live in The people live in fear of attack by the bandits.

FEAR + VERB abate, subside When she heard the news, some of her fear subsided. | grip sb, haunt sb A sudden fear gripped him.

PREP. for ~ of Nobody refused for fear of losing their job. | in ~ He ran away in fear. | out of ~ He lied out of fear. | through ~ The pupils obeyed through fear of punishment. | without ~ She stared at him without fear. | with ~ His face was white with fear. | ~ about his fear about what might happen | ~ for my fear for her safety | ~ of They have a terrible fear of failure.

PHRASES fear and trepidation The men set off in fear and trepidation. | strike fear into (the heart of) sb The sound of gunfire struck fear into the hearts of the villagers.

fear verb

ADV. genuinely, greatly, really, seriously This disease is greatly feared. I really feared that this might be the end. | rightly Everyone rightly feared the coming war.

VERB + FEAR seem to | begin to | have little/nothing to You have nothing to fear from him. | have reason to I have reason to fear that you might abuse your power.

PREP. for We feared for their safety.

You can also check other dicts: fear (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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