film noun

1 movie

ADJ. long | short | exciting, good, interesting | successful | awful, bad, boring | epic | violent She thought the film far too violent to show to children. | X-rated | silent | black-and-white | low-budget | Hollywood, independent | television, video | adventure, children's, comedy, documentary, feature, gangster, horror, pornographic

VERB + FILM see, watch | go to (see), take sb to (see) We went to an awful film last night. | direct, make, produce, shoot She makes children's films. The film was shot on location in Kenya. | take film taken by security cameras | cut, edit The film was heavily edited for screening on television. | distribute, release, screen, show The film was finally released after weeks of protest by religious groups. | ban, censor

FILM + VERB be on, show There's an interesting film on at the local cinema. | come out, open, premiere The film came out last week. | be based on sth a film based on the novel by Charles Potter | be called sth, be entitled sth a film entitled ‘Bitter Moon’ | capture sth The film manages to capture the mood of the times. | contain sth, include sth The film contains explicit scenes of violence. | depict sth, present sth, represent sth, show sth The film depicts immense courage amid the horrors of war. | tell sth This film tells the remarkable story of a disabled actor. | feature sb, star sb The film stars Nicole Kidman as a nightclub singer. | record sth a film recording the film) to see who the music was by. | critic | buff, fan | premiere | censor, censorship | screenplay, script | music, score, soundtrack | narrative | scene | stunt He was killed when a film stunt went wrong. | poster | studio | set They built a massive film set of an airport. | props | adaptation, version the film version of the best-selling novel | classic the film classic ‘Fantasia’ | documentary, drama | genre | clip, footage, sequence | report The news always contains several film reports. | series the ‘Star Wars’ film series | archives, library | business, company, industry | mogul Tyrannical Hollywood film moguls ruled their stars' lives. | distributor | making, production | festival | show | awards | camera, equipment, projector, recorder | rights The scramble for the film rights to her next novel has already begun. | school, student

PREP. in a/the ~ There is a great car chase in the film. | on ~ They captured the incident on film. | ~ about a film about Queen Victoria | ~ of They've just started shooting a film of the novel.

PHRASES the beginning/end of the film, be in films (= work in the film industry), a film with subtitles, the screening/showing of a film

2 used for taking photographs

ADJ. black-and-white, colour | fast Fast film would be best for such action shots. | 35 millimetre, etc.

QUANT. length, reel, roll a roll of 35 millimetre film

VERB + FILM load, put in | remove, take out | rewind | develop, first powered flight | deal with sth a film dealing with old age process I get my films developed | open The film opens with a bird's-eye shot of London. | end

FILM + NOUN crew, director, editor, maker, people, producer, team, unit, writer The film has plenty of what film people call ‘bankability’. | world | actor, actress, legend, star | part, role | career, debut, work | credits His film credits (= the films he has made) as director include ‘Mood Music’ and ‘Lies’. We stayed for the film credits (= the names of people involved in the making of a at a local shop. | expose In the darkroom they found that only half the film had been exposed. | splice He spliced the two lengths of film together.

3 thin layer of a substance/material

ADJ. fine, thin

VERB + FILM be covered in/with The books were covered in a thin film of dust.

PREP. ~ of There was a fine film of sweat on her forehead.

film verb

ADV. secretly The controversial experiment involved secretly filming a group of children. | on location The serial was filmed on location in Italy.

PHRASES beautifully filmed fast-paced, well acted and beautifully filmed in the Blue Ridge Mountains

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