finance noun

1 money needed to fund sth

ADJ. cheap (= borrowed at low interest) | necessary | additonal, extra, further the need to obtain additional finance | long-term, medium-term, short-term | independent | joint | external, outside | international | private (sector), public (sector) | bridging You may require bridging finance until the sale of your own property is completed. | capital (= money that is paid) | credit, debt, loan (= money that is borrowed) | equity (= money from issuing shares) | bank the availability of bank finance (= bank loans) for small businesses | housing, mortgage

VERB + FINANCE get, obtain, raise She struggled to get the necessary finance for her training. | allocate, arrange, provide | need, require

FINANCE + VERB be available the finance available to local government

FINANCE + NOUN company, house | sector The banking and finance sector was booming.

PREP. ~ for Several banks are providing finance for the housing programme.

PHRASES a source of finance

2 managing money

ADJ. high the world of high finance (= finance involving large companies or countries) | company, corporate | (local) government, public, state | consumer, personal that most emotive of personal finance issues?taxation | international | capital (= paying money for sth) | credit, debt, loan (= borrowing money for sth) | equity (= issuing shares to get money)

FINANCE + NOUN director, minister, officer Local government finance officers found the tax very difficult to administer. | committee, department 3 finances money available

ADJ. healthy, sound Our family finances are not very healthy at the moment. | shaky The company's finances are looking a bit shaky. | company | government, public, state | family, household, personal, private

VERB + FINANCE have We don't have the finances to go on holiday this year. | lack | raise They are not sure how they will raise the finances to go on the trip. | deal with, handle, manage, plan, run how to plan your finances for a comfortable retirement | get/keep in order, sort out The company was under pressure to get its finances in order. | boost, improve | be a drain on, put a strain on, strain, stretch Buying a new car need not put a strain on your finances.

FINANCE + VERB be in a mess Their finances are in a mess: they plan to call in an accountant.

PHRASES the state of sb's finances > Special page at BUSINESS

finance verb

ADV. entirely, wholly | largely, mainly | partially, partly | privately, publicly The new roads will be financed privately. | jointly financed jointly by the British and French governments | directly | properly the introduction of a properly financed dog warden scheme

VERB + FINANCE help (to) | be needed to, be required to the £37 million needed to finance the redevelopment | be used to

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