fine adj.

1 good enough/suitable

VERBS be, look, seem, smell, sound, taste | turn out I knew that everything would turn out fine in the end.

ADV. absolutely, just Don't worry. Your voice sounds absolutely fine.

PREP. for This paper's not very good quality, but it's fine for rough work.

2 in good health/happy and comfortable

VERBS be, feel, look, seem George looks fine now.

ADV. absolutely I feel absolutely fine.

3 bright and sunny/not raining

VERBS be | turn out It's turned out fine again today. | keep, remain, stay Let's hope it stays fine for the wedding this afternoon.

4 thin/small


ADV. extremely, very Her hair is very fine. a very fine distinction | quite

fine noun

ADJ. big, heavy, hefty, large, massive, stiff, substantial | maximum | parking

VERB + FINE get I got a parking fine for parking on double yellow lines. | pay | give (sb), impose, levy Heavy fines were levied on motoring offenders. | be liable for/to, face, risk Drivers risk heavy fines for driving without a licence. | be punishable by, carry, lead to The offence carries a maximum fine of £500. | increase

PREP. in ~ The club is struggling to pay £75,000 in fines to the football league. | ~ for a fine for water pollution

fine verb

ADV. heavily Any company found to be breaking these rules will be heavily fined.

PREP. for He got fined £200 for parking illegally.

PHRASES get fined

You can also check other dicts: fine (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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