finish noun

1 last part/end of sth

ADJ. exciting, good, great, thrilling, tremendous His best finish was 11th in the Hungarian Grand Prix. | perfect It was the perfect finish to a wonderful day. | sprint, storming, strong The runners came round the bend for a sprint finish in the home straight. | close, dramatic, nail-biting, photo, tight It was a photo finish, with three horses neck and neck at the finishing line.

VERB + FINISH provide The rules of the game were changed to provide a more exciting finish for the television audience. | be in at Her car suffered from gearbox trouble, but she was still in at the finish.


PREP. at the ~ Several runners needed medical attention at the finish. | to a/the ~ They fought bravely right to the finish. | ~ to a dramatic finish to the match

PHRASES from start to finish He was in the lead from start to finish.

2 look/feel of sth

ADJ. good, neat, professional | perfect | attractive | decorative | fine, smooth | textured | natural | paint/painted | eggshell, gloss/glossy, matt, satin, shiny | brass, metallic, wood a guitar with a natural wood finish | surface | floor, wall, etc. The wall and floor finishes are all of the the highest standard.

VERB + FINISH have This paint has a gloss finish. | achieve, get, obtain With our new tool for putting up wallpaper you can get a perfect finish every time. | create, give (sth), produce, provide This trim really does give the garment a professional finish. | match The steel roof has been coloured to match the finish of the original wrought iron. | apply Make sure the surface is clean and smooth before the finish is applied.

PREP. to a ~ Sand the wood to a fine finish using steel wool. | with a ~ a door handle with a brass finish | ~ on How did you achieve that finish on the wood?

finish verb

ADV. almost, nearly | just She had just finished dressing when the telephone rang. | soon | eventually, finally | off He finished off by welcoming new arrivals to the school.

VERB + FINISH let sb Let me just finish what I'm doing.

PREP. by He finished by telling us about his trip to Spain. | with The evening finished with a few songs. Have you finished with the vacuum cleaner yet? I need it.

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