fit adj.

1 healthy

VERBS be, feel, look, seem | become, get the struggle to get fit and stay fit | keep, stay Go for a little jog to keep fit. | make sb Exercising once a week is not enough to make you fit. | keep sb gentle exercises designed to keep you fit

ADV. extremely, fighting, really, very He seemed fighting fit and ready for action. | fully John isn't fully fit yet after his operation. | fairly, pretty, quite, reasonably | physically She felt physically fitter and more alive than she could ever remember.

PREP. for The doctor said she was now fit for work.

PHRASES as fit as a fiddle (= very healthy), fit and healthy/well She looks really fit and well. | fit and ready

2 suitable

VERBS consider sth, see, think The newspaper did not see fit to publish my letter (= and I criticize it for that). You must do as you think fit (= but I don't agree with your decision).

PREP. for The food was not fit for human consumption.

PHRASES fit and proper (law) circumstances in which someone is not considered a fit and proper person to run a bank | fit for a king It was a meal fit for a king (= of very good quality). | in no fit state He's so angry he's in no fit state to see anyone.

fit noun

1 sudden attack of illness

ADJ. bad, major | convulsive, epileptic, fainting

VERB + FIT be seized by/with (literary), have, suffer She suffered a major fit last year. | suffer from He suffers from fits of depression. | die of | bring on, cause, trigger (off) He suffers from a brain disorder that can trigger off convulsive fits. | control new drugs that can control fits | prevent

FIT + VERB happen, occur The fits usually occur at night.

PREP. during/in a ~ She hurt her arm during one of her fits.

2 short period of coughing/laughter/strong feeling

ADJ. coughing, screaming, sneezing

VERB + FIT have, throw My dad will throw a fit if he finds out! | burst into, collapse in/into, erupt in/into, fall into She collapsed in a fit of laughter. | bring on The cold air brought on one of his coughing fits.

FIT + VERB be over, pass When her coughing fit was over she continued to speak.

PREP. in a ~ of He pushed the referee in a fit of temper. | ~ of a fit of anger/giggles

PHRASES have sb in fits (of laughter) The comedian had them all in fits of laughter.

3 way sth fits/way two things match

ADJ. good We need to achieve the best fit between the staff required and the staff available. | correct, exact, perfect | poor The door was a poor fit and didn't open properly. | close, snug, tight | loose | comfortable The jersey is a comfortable fit?not too tight and not too loose. | statistical

VERB + FIT achieve, get, produce File away any excess metal until a snug fit is achieved. | ensure The shoe has a special strap to ensure correct fit. | give (sth) The formula gives a much better fit to the experimental data.

PREP. ~ between the statistical fit between the interest rate and investment

PHRASES a lack of fit He argues that there is a lack of fit between our system of values and capitalism.

fit verb

1 right size/type

ADV. neatly, nicely, securely, snugly, tightly, well The pencils fit neatly into this box. | exactly, perfectly The screws fitted the holes exactly. | badly The top of the box fitted badly and some of the contents had spilled out. | easily That chair should fit into the room easily. | together These two pieces of wood fit together to make the base.

VERB + FIT be designed to The waste unit is designed to fit under the sink.

PREP. in, into, onto, over, under, etc. Will this box fit into the cupboard?

2 agree/match

ADV. perfectly

PREP. for Your experience fits you perfectly for the job.

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