fixture noun

1 sporting event

ADJ. important, major | difficult | away, home | annual, regular | opening | final | international | friendly | league | sporting

VERB + FIXTURE play playing an important fixture this evening | fulfil The club was fined for not fulfilling its fixtures at the weekend. | make sth There are plans to make the race an annual fixture. | arrange, schedule | stage The golf club has staged many international fixtures. | postpone

FIXTURE + NOUN list a full fixture list of friendly matches

PREP. ~ against a home fixture against Leeds

2 sth fixed in a house

ADJ. original an exceptional example of Victorian architecture with the original fixtures and fittings intact | permanent (often figurative) The new conductor is now a permanent fixture in the orchestra.

PHRASES fixtures and fittings

You can also check other dicts: fixture (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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