flexibility noun

ADJ. considerable, enormous, great | added, additional, extra, increased, more | maximum, total | enough, sufficient | financial

QUANT. degree Police work involves a considerable degree of flexibility and discretion.

VERB + FLEXIBILITY have You have considerable flexibility in this job and can choose how to do things. | show | obtain Flexibility of labour was obtained through the break up of old trade union structures. | maintain, retain | restore She had physiotherapy to restore the flexibility of her muscles. | bring (sb/sth), give (sb/sth), introduce, provide (sb/sth with) The new range of machines will bring flexibility to your business computing. | allow (sb/sth), allow for, offer (sb/sth), permit (sb/sth) The courses are designed to allow maximum flexibility. | build, create reforms to build flexibility into the system | enhance, improve, increase | encourage an initiative to encourage greater flexibility in teaching and learning | reduce | need, require

PREP. ~ in This will give schools greater flexibility in their use of resources. | ~ over flexibility over the deadline

PHRASES a need for flexibility There is a need for greater flexibility in the way the network is managed.

You can also check other dicts: flexibility (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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