floor noun

1 lower surface of a room

ADJ. bare I can't sleep on the bare floor! | carpeted, parquet, tiled, wood, wooden | polished | bathroom, kitchen, etc.

VERB + FLOOR clean, mop, polish, scrub, sweep, wash, wax, wipe | drop to, fall to His glass fell to the floor and broke.

FLOOR + NOUN covering, tile | space

PREP. on the ~ Do you mind sitting on the floor?

PHRASES from floor to ceiling Bookcases lined the walls from floor to ceiling.

2 bottom of the sea, a forest, etc.

ADJ. cave, forest, ocean, sea, valley

3 level in a building

ADJ. bottom, ground | top | first, second, etc. | mezzanine | lower, upper

VERB + FLOOR occupy The offices occupy the two top floors of the building.

PREP. on the ~ a cafe on the mezzanine floor

You can also check other dicts: floor (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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