flower noun

ADJ. bright, brilliantly-coloured, colourful | fragrant, scented, sweet-scented, sweet-smelling | delicate, tiny | huge | lily-like, star-shaped, etc. | exotic, rare | alpine, garden, wild, woodland | autumn, spring, etc. | seasonal | out-of-season | beautiful, lovely, pretty What lovely flowers! | fresh | cut They sell a few pot plants, but they mainly sell cut flowers. | dried, pressed | dead | artificial, fake | closed, open The flowers were still tightly closed. | daffodil, tulip, etc.

QUANT. bouquet, bunch

VERB + FLOWER have, produce It has deep pink scented flowers. It was the first year that the cactus had produced flowers. | come into If the winter weather is mild, plants may come into flower too early. | pollinate The flowers are pollinated by insects. | press

FLOWER + VERB go to seed, seed

FLOWER + NOUN bud, head, petal, seed, stalk, stem | bed, border | arrangement, arranger, arranging I'm learning flower arranging. | display | pot (also flowerpot) | basket, container, vase | garden | festival, show | market, seller, shop, stall | garland, wreath

PREP. in ~ It was June and the roses were in flower.

PHRASES a bank/carpet/mass of flowers The alleys were adorned with banks of flowers. The forest floor was a carpet of wild flowers. | covered in flowers The bush was absolutely covered in flowers. > Note at FLOWER

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