follow verb

1 go after sb/sth

ADV. closely Johnson finished first, closely followed by Stevens and Higgins. | dutifully, obediently The dog followed obediently at her heels. | blindly She followed blindly, stumbling over stones in her path. | on You go ahead and we'll follow on later.

VERB + FOLLOW beckon (to) sb to She beckoned him to follow her.

2 happen after sth

ADV. closely, quickly, shortly, swiftly The next programme will follow shortly. | immediately in the period immediately following the election

3 happen/be true as a result of sth

ADV. not necessarily It does not necessarily follow that sleep loss would cause these symptoms.

PREP. (on) from Several conclusions follow on from his statement.

4 accept advice/instructions

ADV. carefully Follow my instructions very carefully. | dutifully, obediently

5 copy

ADV. faithfully The film follows the book faithfully. | blindly, slavishly It wasn't in his nature to follow blindly. slavishly following the views of his teachers

VERB + FOLLOW be expected to, be likely to Banks are expected to follow the building societies in raising mortgage rates.

PHRASES follow suit (figurative) (= act or behave in the way that sb else has just done)

6 understand sth

ADV. not quite I'm sorry, but I don't quite follow you (= understand what you are saying).

VERB + FOLLOW be easy to | be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to His argument was difficult to follow.

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