form noun

1 type of sth/way of doing sth

ADJ. common Strikes are the most common form of industrial protest. | extreme an extreme form of socialism | pure In its purest form, the substance is highly explosive. | complex, simple | mild | virulent a virulent form of flu | early, final an early form of bicycle The document was edited before being circulated in its final form. | art, literary, musical Story-telling has acquired the status of an art form. | life primitive life forms at the bottom of the sea | digital, electronic The data is stored in digital form. | graphic, tabular The results of the survey are shown below in tabular form. | liquid

VERB + FORM take Bullying can take many forms.

PREP. in … ~ The gas is stored in liquid form. | in the ~ of These costs were passed on to the tenants in the form of higher rents. | ~ of Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise.

PHRASES in any shape or form The company will not tolerate discrimination in any shape or form. | in some form or other We spend most of our time communicating in some form or other.

2 shape

ADJ. human paintings of the human form | adult

VERB + FORM alter, change a mythical creature that could change its form | assume, take on a god who could take on human form

PREP. in a/the ~ Two weeks later the moth will emerge in its adult form.

3 piece of paper with questions on it

ADJ. application, booking, entry, order

VERB + FORM complete, fill in/out Please complete the application form and return it to us. | sign | return

4 strength/fitness

ADJ. fine, good | poor | current, present

VERB + FORM maintain The team is hoping that it can maintain its current form.

PREP. in ~ She was in fine form for the tournament. Barcelona are the team in form. | off ~ Her recent illness possibly explains why she was off form in this race. | on (sb's) ~ He'll be a difficult opponent to beat; he's really on form today. On his present form it seems likely that he will win the match. | out of ~ The team was out of form and did not play as well as expected.

form verb

1 make/organize sth

VERB + FORM attempt to, try to | agree to, decide to | ask sb to, invite sb to The leader of the party with the most seats is invited to form a government. | help (to)

PHRASES newly/recently formed a newly formed political party

2 make sth into a shape

PREP. into She formed the clay into a ball.

PHRASES fully formed The plan came in a flash of inspiration, fully formed. | perfectly formed a perfectly formed body

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