friendship noun

ADJ. beautiful, close, intimate, deep, firm, great, warm Their quarrel meant the end of a beautiful friendship. They formed a close friendship at university. | innocent Their affair had started out as an innocent friendship. | eternal, lasting, lifelong, long, long-standing They made vows of eternal friendship to each other. It was a period of her life when she made some lifelong friendships.

VERB + FRIENDSHIP develop, establish, form, make, start up, strike up He finds it difficult to make lasting friendships. Jo struck up a friendship with a girl on her course. | cement We cemented our friendship with a meal and a few drinks. | cultivate He's keen on cultivating his friendship with the Edwards family. | promote The aim of the culture festival is to promote friendship between the two countries. | renew It will be a pleasure to renew our friendship. | destroy, spoil, wreck How can you let such a silly incident wreck your friendship? | betray He betrayed our friendship by revealing my secret to his cousin.

FRIENDSHIP + VERB develop Friendships need time to develop.

PREP. ~ between He was jealous of the friendship between his wife and daughters. | ~ with Her mother did not approve of her friendship with Ahmed.

PHRASES bonds/ties of friendship The ties of friendship between us will never be broken. | the hand of friendship The president extended the hand of friendship towards the country's former enemy. | a gesture of friendship In a gesture of friendship, the president invited his former enemies to a reception. | an offer of friendship She offended them by turning down their offer of friendship. | a spirit of friendship We hope the spirit of friendship and cooperation between our countries will remain strong. | a token of your friendship Please accept this gift as a token of our friendship.

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