function noun

1 purpose/special duty of sb/sth

ADJ. crucial, essential, important, useful, valuable, vital | chief, main, major, primary, prime | dual The committee has a dual function, both advisory and regulatory. | bodily, brain, liver, mental, etc. Fortunately, his head injuries left his bodily functions unimpaired.

VERB + FUNCTION have | carry out, fulfil, perform, serve All members carry out their own particular functions. The club serves a useful function as a meeting place.

2 important social event

ADJ. charity, official, social The princess attended a charity function in aid of cancer research.

VERB + FUNCTION hold | attend, go to

FUNCTION + NOUN room The wedding reception will be held in the Swan Hotel's function room.

function verb

ADV. effectively, efficiently, smoothly, successfully, well | perfectly | correctly, normally, properly All the instruments were functioning normally. | adequately, satisfactorily Problems arise when the body's immune system is not functioning adequately. | independently Can we devise a system in which judges function independently of party poltics? | actually This model does not describe accurately the way a market economy actually functions. | still The bombs continued to fall, but somehow the city still functioned.

VERB + FUNCTION be able/unable to, can/could When nutrients are in short supply the body cannot function properly. | begin to | continue to | cease to

PHRASES fully functioning The group has now become a fully functioning political organization.

You can also check other dicts: function (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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