grade noun

1 level/quality

ADJ. high, top a piece of high grade building land He still wants to play top grade football. | low, poor low grade steel

2 mark given for a piece of work/an exam

ADJ. final The oral exam constitutes 10% of the final grade. | excellent, good, high | low, poor

VERB + GRADE achieve, attain, get, receive She got very good grades in her exams. | award (sb)

3 level of importance/level of pay at work

ADJ. high, senior He has asked to be put onto a higher grade. large pay rises for senior grades | junior, low | management | manual

PREP. at a/the … ~ She was offered a job at a lower grade. | on a/the … ~ the people on management grades

grade verb

ADV. carefully a series of modern stories carefully graded for beginner to intermediate students

PREP. according to The timber is graded according to its thickness. | by The containers are graded by size. | from … to … Eggs are graded from small to extra large.

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