grievance noun

ADJ. genuine, legitimate, real Some people will complain even if they have no genuine grievance. | imaginary, imagined | long-standing, old | individual, personal | economic, social By the 1530s social grievances were again being voiced.

VERB + GRIEVANCE harbour, have, nurse She still nursed her old grievance. | air, express, vent, voice | hear (formal), listen to MPs spend many hours listening to the real or imagined grievances of their constituents. | redress, remedy, settle Managers would make every effort to remedy individual grievances as they arose.

PREP. ~ about/over The meeting will be a chance to air your grievances about the organization. | ~ against He had a personal grievance against the professor.

PHRASES a sense of grievance

You can also check other dicts: grievance (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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