guest noun

1 person that you invite to your home

ADJ. house | honoured, welcome She was treated as an honoured guest. You are always a welcome guest in our house. | unexpected, uninvited She tactfully discouraged their uninvited guests from staying longer. | unwanted, unwelcome The refugees were made to feel like unwanted guests in the country.

VERB + GUEST invite She had invited six guests. | entertain She felt that she had to entertain her guests.


2 person invited to an event

ADJ. chief, principal The athlete was chief guest at the schools sports day. | dinner, party, reception, restaurant, wedding The best man and his assistants welcomed the reception guests as they arrived.

VERB + GUEST greet, welcome

GUEST + VERB attend sth The banquet was attended by 200 guests.


PHRASES a guest of honour

3 person who is staying at a hotel

ADJ. hotel | frequent, regular

4 at a public event/on a radio or television show

ADJ. special Film star Matt Damon is one of the special guests on tonight's programme.

GUEST + NOUN artist, celebrity, star Guest artists from all over Europe will take part in the concert. | speaker | appearance She made a rare guest appearance on the programme.

You can also check other dicts: guest (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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