hazard noun

ADJ. big, great, major, real, serious | constant | possible, potential | hidden, unexpected, unseen | environmental, industrial, natural, occupational industrial hazards such as excessive noise and pollution Loneliness is one of the occupational hazards of being a writer. | health Other people's smoke is now seen as a health hazard. | fire The rubbish under the flooring is a serious fire hazard.

VERB + HAZARD cause, create, pose Production of these chemicals poses serious environmental hazards. | be exposed to, encounter, face, meet The worst hazard we faced was having our money stolen. | avoid Go in September if you want to avoid the hazard of extreme heat. | eliminate, minimize | cope with, deal with, negotiate Companies should have systems for dealing with work hazards.

PREP. ~ for Holes in the pavement are a hazard for blind people. | ~ to The burning of industrial waste is a major hazard to human health.

PHRASES exposure to a hazard Try and reduce your exposure to hazards such as poor quality air.

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