heating noun

ADJ. electric, gas-fired, solar | central, domestic, home, underfloor | water

VERB + HEATING have The flat has gas-fired central heating. | have on, keep on, leave on, run, use We haven't had the heating on this evening. | put on, switch on, turn on They are afraid to put the heating on because it's so expensive. | switch off, turn off They have their heating turned off during the morning. | turn down/up | fit, install, put in We're having central heating installed.

HEATING + VERB be (full) on, be on high/low The heating was on but the window was open. The heating's on low. | be off | come on | go off Our heating goes off at eleven o'clock and comes on again at seven. | work The heating doesn't work. | break down The house was very cold because the heating had broken down.

HEATING + NOUN bill | system What sort of heating system has your new flat got?

You can also check other dicts: heating (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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