hero noun

ADJ. big, great He was one of the great football heroes of his day. | real | all-time Einstein is the all-time hero of many scientists. | unsung She was an unsung hero of the British film industry. | reluctant, unlikely | brave, gallant The song remembers the brave heroes who died for their country. | romantic, tragic Being short and overweight, he was an unlikely romantic hero. | square-jawed, swashbuckling Tired of playing the square-jawed hero, he sought out more challenging roles. | all-conquering, conquering In his war stories he portrayed himself as the all-conquering hero. He returned home from the tournament a conquering hero. | fallen a fallen hero trying to regain his position | cult James Dean was a cult hero of the fifties. | folk, local, national, popular | fictional, legendary, mythical | eponymous Don Quixote, the eponymous hero of the novel by Cervantes | boyhood, childhood Bugs Bunny was one of my childhood heroes. | proletarian, working-class | military | celluloid | musical In this album she pays tribute to her musical heroes. | film, football, guitar, sporting, war Jimi Hendrix was her guitar hero.

VERB + HERO be hailed (as) He was hailed as a hero after the rescue. | become, make sb into, turn sb into The fight to save the forest turned him into a local hero. | die He died a national hero.

PREP. ~ to He was a hero to all his schoolmates.

PHRASES be no hero John was no hero?he stood back as his friends approached the two armed border guards. | give sb/receive a hero's welcome, hero of the hour Everyone played brilliantly, but Jones was the hero of the hour. | (die) a hero's death

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