history noun

1 the past, especially as a subject of study

ADJ. contemporary, early, recent the early history of the trade union movement things that happened in recent history | ancient, medieval, modern | local | family | British, world, etc. | official the official history of the Labour Party | recorded The debate about the origins of the universe has been going on throughout recorded history. | oral Oral history enables us to take account of those many aspects of history that are not recorded in documents. | art, church, cultural, economic, human, literary, military, political, social, etc.

QUANT. piece She created a piece of history by winning her fourth title.

VERB + HISTORY be steeped in a building that is steeped in history | go down in, make, pass into He will go down in history as a wise adviser and a kind man. He made history by being the first man to walk on the moon. | trace The regiment traces its history back to 1803. | distort, rewrite her attempt to rewrite history with herself in the role of heroine

HISTORY + VERB go back (to) … The town's history goes back to Roman times. | reveal sth, show sth History shows that New Zealand are almost unbeatable by British teams on their own turf. | repeat itself Years later, family history repeated itself with Eve's daughters.

HISTORY + NOUN book (figurative) She has earned her place in the history books.

PREP. during sth's ~ The country has suffered several invasions during its history. | in (sth's) ~ the most extraordinary royal meeting in history the best player in the sport's history | throughout ~ There have been conflicts such as this throughout history.

PHRASES change the course of history events that could change the course of history | a period of history This is a fascinating period of history. | the rest is history (= the rest of the story does not need to be told because it is well-known), a sense of history a people with no sense of history | a slice of history The team grabbed a slice of history here today (= achieved sth that will be remembered). > Note at SUBJECT(for more verbs and nouns)

2 facts about sb/sth's life/existence in the past

ADJ. chequered, colourful, fascinating, interesting, rich The city has a rich and colourful history. | long She has a long history of mental illness. | previous, subsequent | case She familiarized herself with the case history of her new patient. | employment, family, life, medical, personal, sexual The doctor will need some details of your medical history. I know nothing about his personal history.


PREP. ~ of a history of heart disease in the family

3 sth in the past that is no longer important

ADJ. past They had an affair once, but that's past history now.

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