hostility noun

1 opposition/aggressive feelings or behaviour

ADJ. bitter, considerable, deep, extreme, great, implacable | downright, open, outright Mixed-race couples faced open hostility. | veiled There was a barely veiled hostility in her tone. | general, widespread | popular, public the widespread popular hostility towards the war | personal | continuing, growing | mutual

VERB + HOSTILITY feel the deep hostility felt by many teenagers against the police | express, show | arouse, attract, provoke The prime minister was concerned that such a move would arouse public hostility. | be greeted with, be met with, encounter, face, meet with The proposal was met with outright hostility.

PREP. ~ between You could almost feel the hostility between her and her mother. | ~ against/to/towards the bitter hostility towards the occupying forces

2 hostilities: fighting in a war

VERB + HOSTILITY cease, end, suspend Both sides finally agreed to suspend hostilities. | resume Hostilities were resumed later that year.

HOSTILITY + VERB begin, break out | cease, end On the 11th of November 1918 hostilities ceased. | resume

PREP. ~ against the beginning of hostilities against Germany in 1914 | ~ between Hostilities broke out between the two provinces later that year.

PHRASES the cessation of hostilities, an outbreak of hostilities

You can also check other dicts: hostility (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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