hurt adj.

1 injured

VERBS be, look | get Stop that or you'll get hurt!

ADV. badly, seriously Steve didn't look seriously hurt. | slightly

2 upset

VERBS be, feel, look, seem, sound | get

ADV. bitterly, deeply, extremely, really, terribly, very | a bit, quite, rather, slightly

PREP. by Roy seemed deeply hurt by this remark.

hurt noun

ADJ. bitter, deep, great

VERB + HURT feel the deep hurt that he felt when Jane left him | cause She knew that she had caused her husband a lot of hurt.

hurt verb

1 cause pain/injury

ADV. badly, seriously She fell and hurt her leg quite badly. No one was seriously hurt in the accident. | slightly

2 be/feel painful

ADV. badly, a lot, really My ankle still hurts quite badly. Does it hurt a lot? Ouch! It really hurts. | slightly

VERB + HURT be going to I knew it was going to hurt?but not that much! | begin to

3 upset sb

ADV. badly, deeply, really, terribly Her remarks hurt him deeply. They never told me why and that really hurt.

VERB + HURT attempt to, try to Are you deliberately trying to hurt me? | want to Why would I want to hurt her? | not mean to I never meant to hurt anyone.

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