identity noun

ADJ. true | assumed, false He was discovered living under an assumed identity in South America. | mistaken This is obviously a case of mistaken identity. | new | common, corporate, cultural, national, personal, political, racial, sexual

VERB + IDENTITY create, develop, establish, forge They are still struggling to establish their identity as a political party. The company forged its own identity by producing specialist vehicles. | give sb/sth He felt that having a job gave him an identity. | maintain, preserve Many minority groups are struggling to maintain their cultural identity. | lose | change He changed his identity and moved abroad on his release from prison. | assume She was given a false passport and assumed a new identity. | disclose, reveal He refused to reveal the identity of his client. | discover, find out | guess It was easy to guess the identity of the thief. | conceal, hide, keep secret, protect Her voice was disguised to conceal her identity.

IDENTITY + NOUN bracelet, tag | card, documents, papers | code | parade The victim picked out her attacker in an identity parade. | crisis The country suffered from an identity crisis for years after the civil war.

PREP. ~ as Scotland has never lost its identity as a separate nation.

PHRASES proof of identity The police officer asked him for proof of identity. | a search for identity His search for his cultural identity took him to where his parents were born. | a sense of identity

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